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what is content creation

What is content creation ?

Affiliate marketing websites are generally sites that contain good information that people want to read. This information is your content. This is what you are going to use to get people to your websites and hopefully purchase through your affiliate link.

In the online world, content is the key, especially if you want to get your site, article, blog, what ever it may be, to rank within the major search engines – being google, yahoo, bing.

Wealthy Affiliate Content training is the tops.

Content is what you add to your website to add value for your readers. It can be a written article or a blog post or a video. Even you pictures that you add is considered content.

Within the Wealthy Affiliate training program content is one of the more heavily covered subject. This is because it is the guts of your website framework.

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Aim for Quality Writing

My Son is a wiz at the online game creator website, SPLODER.  This site requires the user to create games using the various platforms provided on the site.

He has realized that the more quality games he can produce and publish (his content) the better his profile and game’s rank within the game’s community. Little does he know that this also ranks on search engines.

This is the same principle for online marketing websites, and youtube channels as well. The better your content relates to the readers the better it will start to rank.

The primary objective is to have your content rank in the first few pages of each search engine ( even better is number one page, and even better is the first search on page one). This is totally achievable with good content, good keywords and some good marketing.

We will come to the keywords and marketing.

The content idea has a number of functions. New content, particularly quality, well written content will engage your readers who come to your website. Generally, your content will be related to the website that you have produced, your niche site, so it will help your readers to get information or answers that they have been searching for.

Be an Authority for your niche

Another key function of new content is to show the search engine bots that your website is functional and is being used and accessed by readers.

If the content is being accessed by your readers, the search engines will see your site as becoming an authority on your niche and will elevate its ranking (aiming to get to the top 3 pages of the search engine).

This is a really simplified version of what the search engines actually do as they do have all sorts of algorithms and criteria which determines ranking, but hopefully you get the gist. You need to get a handle on writing and creating new, fresh content with the aim of publishing daily if possible.

Writing content is not a difficult process. If you want some more tips and ideas please check out this article here. It is on my other website but it sums up how to write articles nicely.


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