James has a background in sales management and retail management over a 30+
working year career. He has worked for top Affiliate how to ownerscompanies in Australia and the Pacific region and  has spent the last 15 years doing contract management work in developing countries.

His passion is helping people and businesses to reach their full potential.  He is also passionate about assisting people wanting to do jobs from home, and in particular, setting up online businesses.  He is a firm believer that people, today, are having to spend far to long at their place of work and that there is a better alternative.

With the exponential increases in users, and their willingness and ability to access the internet for searching of information, goods and services, there has never been a better time to start up an international online business or to promote your business online.

James now spends his time working with smart phone technologies and online marketing through content driven websites. His focus is on helping people start up their own home based businesses through building and promoting their own websites based on the passions and interests.

You can learn more about how he does this here.  

James is also a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community that is dedicate to promoting affiliate marketing websites. You can see his profile here.


Niu Savi Technology,                                                                                                                       PO Box 58, Brisbane City, 4000, Australia.                                                                          Info@affilaitehowto.net